The Digital Source


It started as a serious research project on how the mechanical drive would affect a CD player.
   We were among the very few having an analogue approach to the digital technology.
    Several engineers told us that improving the mechanics is pointless there are error correction circuits so nothing can be improved.
   How about providing the laser electronics with the best possible chance to read correctly since there will be no second chance?
   We thoroughly investigated the motor assembly and found that we could improve the readings by improving the CD disc support by means of an air bearing suspension for the platter.
   Further mechanic studies proved the importance of a well-built transport.



Our goal was to achieve the true musicality, which is not so easily perceived through a CD playback system.
    Of course we did not stop at the transport; the importance of a DAC was not overlooked.
   During the initial development, thousands of listening hours was spent on different types of power supplies, circuit designs and single components.
   Like all our products every a single DAC has matched components and every individual unit is tested 50 hours before shipment.
   As always we try out everything with blindfolded test.